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Sunday, March 7, 2010

Sur la Table and Oakville Grocery Co.

I am coveting this Tagine

You should check this place out - a great gourmet supermarket

I was at Kierland Commons mall today and went into the kitchen store Sur la Table - they have some really nice things these days - go and check out their sale section in the back, there are all kinds of kitchen gadgets at cheap prices. They also have pretty colors of Le Creuset bake ware and pots - one in particular I am coveting is a blue-green colored tagine (similar to the one pictured but with a more turquoise hue) for baking Moroccan dishes.

Across the street on the north east corner of Greenway and Scottsdale Road is Oakville Grocery Co. It is a pretty interesting gourmet supermarket - I spotted chorizo from Spain, wine from all kinds of places like Australia and South Africa, beers from many regions and fancy vinegars like champagne vinegar and different olive oils. A good place for a foodie to browse. They also have ready made sandwiches that looked of very good quality and wine by the glass. Also there is an espresso bar with pastries and I spotted Fairytale Brownies and gourmet chocolates.

Go forth and conquer aforementioned kitchen store and gourmet supermarket!

But, bring your wallet - this is the high rent district, after all...

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