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Saturday, March 6, 2010

La Purisima Bakery - get your tres leches cake today

The last time I ordered a cake at La Purisima was in July 09 - for my good friend and Mexican connection's birthday. His Mom was visiting from Hermosillo and she enjoyed it so I know it is good since the natives approve.

His cake was massive - could have fed 40 - so there were lots and lots of leftovers, breakfasts, etc. We did the theme as "outer space" since he is big into astromony. It had strawberry filling. They also have cherry, pineapple and other sweet fruits such as peach. They also have cajeta (caramel) - which I might have to order for myself, since it sounds so sabroso. The decorator at La Purisima did an excellent job on my friend's cake, so I thought of them again when my Dad's birthday rolled around this year - next weekend, to be exact.

So today I was over at La Purisima ordering a cake and spotted all of these yummy pastries (see picture) and they also sell tamales and burritos so get over there and get your lunch or snack on. They have Mexican coke too and a nice seating area, it is a very pleasant spot.

They are located at 24th St./Indian School (see card) on the north west corner in a strip mall next to the French Bee - a cute store that sells fun housewares/decorating stuff and there are some other interesting stores too right there - it's not a bad place to spend an hour checking out new things that maybe you haven't seen before.

I was a little bummed that the nice mujer at La Purisima told me their decorator is away for awhile so I might not be able to get my cake for next weekend.

Plan B - go to Tortilleria/Panaderia Guerrero on 32nd St & Thomas

Plan C - make the cake myself

I have never made a tres leches cake before but I think I could swing it.

Have any of you ever made one? If you have a recipe that is good, please share it with me.

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