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Saturday, March 20, 2010

Carlos O'Brien's and AJ's Fine Foods in Scottsdale

Just one good reason for visiting AJ's Fine Foods...
yummy pastries!

The mecca of gourmet foods - AJ's

1) Had the pleasure of dining in last night with Jason, who is lovely. He brought food from Carlos O'Brien's (N. Scottsdale) and it was so delicious. We watched Pulp Fiction, because John Travolta is easy on the eyes... I had chicken tacos, beans and rice. He had the mini tacos and cheese crisp. I am not a fan of cheese crisp since I only like white cheeses (i.e. mozzarella, ricotta) - it's hard to believe that a foodie only likes those types of cheeses, but there it is. I digressed...the cheese crisp looked good to me, even though I do not like cheese. You must go if you haven't been, or go back if you have been before. Their salsa is really tasty and fresh. Chips were crunchy and slightly salted, just what you would expect.

Verdict: We'll be back.

2) This morning I grabbed a medium latte and tasty blueberry scone with icing from AJ's on Pima near the 101. They make great coffee and I am a coffee nut, with high you know you are getting a quality product when I tell you they make great coffee. They have inside and outside seating areas that are just so pleasant and this morning - it was still morning but it was close to noon - surprisingly there were few people sitting outside even though the weather was beautiful and they were grilling chicken, hamburgers and hot dogs.

Verdict: I'll be back.

Go to Carlos O'Brien's and AJ's Fine Foods. Now.


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