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Thursday, March 11, 2010

Tortillería Panadería Guerrero to the rescue for tres leches cake

Visiting with others at Tortillería Panadería Guerrero

Warmed the cockles of mi corazón

I posted earlier that my Dad's birthday is this weekend and I had gone to La Purísima Bakery on 24th and Indian School to order his cake.

Alas, their decorator is out at the moment, so they are not taking cake orders.

Last night I learned that Tortillería Panadería Guerrero is accepting orders and they only need a 2 day advance notice.

They are at 32nd Street and Thomas across the street from Starbucks.

I will post a picture of the cake I ordered for my Dad in a few days - Saturday, to be exact, which is his BIG DAY - 70.

The flavor of the cake is tres leches and it is filled (relleno) with strawberries (fresa).

There is only one word to describe:


Go get yours now.'s important to mention, the Tortillería Panadería Guerrero has more than just cakes. It is a full-on Mexican Bakery and restaurant. When I was in there last night, it was like a party, people buying trays and trays of delicious Mexican pastries and dinners. It smelled so good and there was a sense of community that I have not seen in other places - it warmed my corazón (heart).

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