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Wednesday, June 2, 2010

What's for breakfast - bacon and toast a la Saykham

The lovely Saykham making delicious turkey bacon.

Raisin toast with strawberry jam and turkey bacon with a big latte.

I was awakened this morning to the sizzling of bacon being made by my father's girlfriend, Saykham. She is an excellent cook. Last night she made egg rolls with a peanut sauce. Delicious!

For breakfast she made eggs (none for me), raisin toast and turkey bacon. She said she gets the turkey bacon from Costco and she likes it a lot because it is very lean. I commented that the leftovers would be great in a spaghetti sauce (puttanesca) or a blt.

Always planning the next meal, this kitchen wench.

Today is Wanda's birthday, so we will be going to Hernandez later for Mexican food. I wished her a happy 29th and informed her now she can buy tobacco and she doesn't need a chaperone any more for dates.

Happy eating.

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