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Thursday, June 17, 2010

Tasty eats at St. Luke's Hospital

One of the nice (and talented) chefs at St. Luke's Hospital with his wares.

When I think of a dining experience, food doesn't usually come to mind. Well today I had breakfast that was catered by the nice chefs at St. Luke's Hospital, and wow, they do amazing things with food. There were homemade pastries, omelet, salsa, fruit, yogurt, etc. and all was presented very nicely. One of the chefs agreed to have his picture taken with the finished products (see photo).

I had a huge croissant, fruit and a bottled water. The croissant was super flaky with some type of marmalade that had a ginger flavor. Very interesting and tasty.

This breakfast was served at an Arizona Hispanic Chamber of Commerce meeting where small business people can network, help each other and find new business. At every meeting I meet interesting people who work hard and also do work in the community. Today I was talking with a nice young man who volunteers at Big Brothers. I think that's a great organization.

So, to all you naysayers out food can be good!


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