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Saturday, June 12, 2010

Duck & Decanter

A birdhouse adorns a tree outside Duck & Decanter.

Curried chicken salad on a croissant.

This is the place to be!

Back in the day when I was just a sprout in the early 70's I remember going to Duck & Decanter in Central Phoenix. Back then, it was a sprawling park-like setting, with many hills, ducks and ponds. I remember rolling down those hills and eating small fruit candies that were packed in a little tin. I also remember all of their pickles being wrapped individually in tin foil that would come with your sandwich, along with a piece of hard candy.

It was the stuff. Great stuff.

Today the Duck has a smaller land mass, Alberton's occupies some of the old property and it is a little surreal to think about that. Progress, I suppose.

Jason treated me to lunch after we went to the Crawling Squid and he got another tattoo. He has four total now and seems to be quite addicted. The guys at Crawling Squid are real pros, so get yourself down there (27th Ave./Bethany) if you need cool ink.

At the Duck I had chicken curry salad on a croissant (see picture) with a lime Perrier (yes I'm a food snob) and Jason had some type of finely shaved ham on a ciabatta roll with melted cheese with a Coke. He enjoyed his sandwich very much and also had a pasta salad with yummy veggies and salami.

It's good to have a partner in crime to get tattooed with and consume good eats!

Get yourself to Duck and Decanter for tasty sandwiches. They also have many sweets, imported cookies and different types of candies and baked goods like Fairytale Brownies and carrot cake.

They also have many wines by the glass and beers in the bottle and on draft also, I believe.

There is a fun outside seating area that is perfect for our fair days in Arizona. Today was unseasonably cool, so it was very pleasant to eat our sammies outside amongst the spritely small birds that Jason kept feeding, and they kept coming back. Persistent ones! (birdhouse pictured)
1651 E. Camelback Rd. Phoenix 602-274-5429

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