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Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Menu change - what's for dinner...bbq beef sandwiches!

Oreo custard sammie from Culver's

bbq beef a la Marilyn

Plain bagels make great buns for sandwiches. Who knew?

My Mom is a great cook! Yes, I may be biased, but then again, I don't think so. For dinner tonight she made bbq beef sandwiches and we had them on the yummy bagels (see pictures) that I got at Fresh and Easy earlier today. She toasted them with butter so they were all brownish and tasty.

This is how she made the bbq beef:

She took a chuck roast and seared it on all sides in a pan. Then she put it in a pyrex baking dish and added 3/4 cup water to it and some chopped garlic, salt and pepper. Then she covered it tightly with tin foil and cooked it at 350 degrees for two hours. She said it's important to open it once in awhile and add water as needed so it doesn't get too dry and burn on the bottom.

When the roast is done, she let it cool and skimmed off the fat from the juice. Then she added some of the juice back in with the meat she shredded, and heated it up, along with some barbecue sauce. How good does that sound?

The meat was super tender and it tasted like candy. We had the pasta salad I made earlier in the day alongside and everyone enjoyed it. With lots of iced tea to drink.

Afterwards my bro and I went over to Culver's on 8th St./Camelback. It is like diner food but there isn't table service. They have burgers, fried chicken, salads, custard, shakes, etc. I had an oreo cookie custard sammie (see picture) and brought one home for my Mom. They also do a type of blizzard (a la DQ) but they call it something else. My brother had one of these with mint chocolate chip flavors and it looked delicious. He enjoyed it. My Mom really liked hers, so I know we'll be going back.

Culver's makes a different flavor custard every day, and when you go in you can pick up a menu showing what flavor they are making special every day each month. Today it was butterfinger pecan: crunchy butterfinger candy pieces and toasted pecan pieces tumbled in fresh, creamy vanilla custard.

I must agree, the custard is very creamy and has an excellent mouth feel. Wow, I sounded like a food snob just then.

Happy eating.

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