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Tuesday, June 8, 2010

What's for breakfast - cinnamon toast

How is it that something so simple could be so satisfying? In my case this morning it was cinnamon toast. My Mom used to make it for us when we were little. It is still appreciated today.
I make mine using Trader Joe's whole wheat bread, zulka azucar moreno (it is kind of like turbinado sugar, unrefined) cinnamon and real butter. I have never been a fan of butter like substances and I think the less non-natural chemicals we put in our bodies, the better.

So, stumped for breakfast? Make yourself some cinnamon toast. Or, if you are out of cinnamon, buy raisin bread, there is one out there with cinnamon in it, and you will love it.

Later today I'm headed over to Mom's and we're having ham sandwiches on bagels (my idea since I really like bagels = chewy) and I'm bringing over a pasta salad with lots of veggies. That reminds me, I need to buy vinegar and dijon mustard. It's off to Fresh and Easy! They have those great veggie packs for 98 cents and they are in this kitchen wench's modest budget. Make your pasta salads with Trader Joe's California estate olive oil. It is very fruity and flavorful.

Happy breakfasting.

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