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Saturday, June 12, 2010

AJ's scones - Chicago Hamburger Co.

I needed a sugar rush this morning so I went over to AJs on Camelback and 44th Street and picked up a blueberry scone and a palmier. Just inhaled the scone with a big latte, and saving the palmier for tomorrow.


Just learned that Chicago Hamburger Co (basically right across the street from me) at 38th St./Indian School has Italian beef sandwiches. How come I didn't know this? New Times just did a post on a place in Scottsdale and they said this place has ho-hum Italian Beef but that the good stuff is just across from me. According to New Times, their gardinera (sort of like Italian chunky salsa made with peppers) is homemade. Yes! Whoohoo! I can't wait to go over there and get one.

There's some pasta salad that is coming to room temperature in my kitchen which I will consume most likely before noon. After that, I'm not sure...

Happy eating.

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