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Saturday, January 29, 2011

Pasta salad with veggie medley

Pasta salad is easy and economical. And it travels well.

I have a "hot date" today with my family for lunch. It's hot, because we're making steak sandwiches. Yummy! And my Mom has a great sense of spices so she's always making some kind of tasty/salty/savory au jus from scratch. Better than pick a peppa sauce, if you can believe it. Although, that is pretty good stuff.

My contribution is a pasta salad. It has whole wheat pasta shells (courtesy of my brother Mike who prefers the whole wheat version), chick peas, bell pepper, scallions, Italian parsley, pepperoncini, tomato, celery, carrots and a red wine vinaigrette made with olive oil and dijon mustard.

Is it snobby that I say I used Italian parsley? Food City did have the regular version but I spotted this first. And it seems like you have to de-stem it a bit less.

Oh boy! Good eats for us.

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