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Thursday, January 6, 2011

Fish & Chips @ George & Dragon

The George & Dragon is a great place to have a tasty meal with a friend. In tonight's case, I was with Jason and we both had the fish & chips at G & D. They have the best fish! I had it with peas and Jason opted for the cole slaw. After a couple of black and tans I was feeling just fine. And I demolished the dish - almost ate the plate. No pictures since I took on the form of a human garbage disposal tonight. Jason would argue that is normal for the kitchen wench.

Afterwards we took a walk around his old campus (Brophy) just a few steps from mine (Central). Jason quips that he received a superior education in high school, and that is probably true. It didn't help that I zoned out in class so much in high school. I was not exactly a social butterfly and wanted to be somewhere else most of the time. Except my senior year when I went to Spain.


I digress...

From this point on we will be watching our respective figures a bit more (new years resolutions) by exercising and eating more healthfully. I suggested as we get to our respective milestones we should celebrate with a cornish pasty at Cornish Pasty Co. in Tempe. Their steak, onion, potato and rutabaga pasty is so delicious, with a black and tan, of course.

It's hard to take the foodie out of the girl.

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