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Sunday, January 30, 2011

Birthday celebration: Dinner and a movie

These little burgers at Hazelwoods First Place are pretty tasty.

At the behest of a friend who just celebrated a birthday, the kitchen wench was whisked off to dinner and a movie. (Another's treat, which the frugal kitchen wench appreciates).

We went to AMC Theatres at Esplanade where The Fighter is Playing. Wow. You must see this movie. Christian Bale nailed the role of the crack addicted brother/boxing trainer. Great dialogue and photography. The actress who played the mother was incredible too. I need to go to and find out what else she's done. It's a very cool website for film buffs.

Anyways, after the movie we went to Hazelwoods, which is right in front of my place (within walking distance, so there Phoenix P.D.!) They have great bar food, I really like their zucchini and mushrooms, wings and sliders. You can see from the picture that the sliders look pretty tasty. And they have lots of beers on tap: kiltlifter, fat tire, etc. so you can't go wrong.

Happy 25th, WVR! (in the spirit of full disclosure that's not his exact age but I was given liberties)

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