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Sunday, January 9, 2011

Angel hair pasta with tomatoes and shrimp

Shrimp with tomato "sauce" a la aunt Char.

My aunt called today and asked if I'd be interested in coming over for an early dinner.

Would I!?

It was nice because we were able to shoot the breeze a bit before eating. We were both unrushed, which is not always the case.

She made the "sauce" with 2 cans of diced tomatoes (I think they are 15 or 16 oz), garlic, onion, bay leaves, a bit of basil, a couple tablespoons of salt pork and 2 pounds of shrimp. It is the last of the shrimp that she had, and she is talking about going to Hobe Meats soon to buy more. She read in a local newspaper that it is a good place to buy seafood. She's going to take me when she goes, so we can have lunch at Niccoli's beforehand. Sounds like a plan to me. They have delicious Italian sandwiches like prosciutto and Italian sausage. Mmm.

I digress...the kitchen wench is easily distracted by food, as you know.

The shrimp cooked quickly in the sauce, about 4 minutes, and picked up a nice garlic flavor.

She made a pound of angel hair pasta so there was a lot leftover, even though we both had two healthy servings. Then she sprang a couple of small hershey bars on me afterwards, which I never turn down.

As you can see from the picture, she gave me quite a bit to take home, must be two quarts or so. I'll be eating it for the next few days, very happily. She also let me take home the rest of the shiraz we shared (thank you Phoenix PD for not pulling me over- haha) and some grapefruit from the neighbor's.

Happy cooking.

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