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Saturday, January 8, 2011

Cookies for breakfast?

Barb's Bakery makes great sugar cookies.
And they are cute, too.

Day 7 into the new year and I'm sinking to a new low. There are these cookies at AJ's Fine Foods (from Barb's Bakery on 24th St.) and they are so delicious. They are sugar cookies with icing and they come in all kinds of cute shapes. I picked one up couple of days ago in the shape of a butterfly and demolished it today for breakfast. But, in my defense, the latte I made this morning has calcium, right? So they cancel each other out?


These are seriously large and tasty cookies. You can get them at AJ's Fine Foods or at Barb's Bakery. They have them seasonally so at Easter there are little chicks and at Valentine's Day there are hearts, and so on. The icing is yummy and the cookie is quite thick and has a hint of what I think may be almond extract. They are soft enough so they do not "break" and make a pretty good breakfast, in the kitchen wench's opinion.

It's only day 7, people. I've still got time to redeem myself, right...?

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