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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Do you cook rabbit?

I was reading an article in or was it I don't remember where I found it, but it was about rabbits. Yes, eating them and how they are a very sustainable protein (since they multiply as they do).

My aunt and I were talking about making/eating rabbit tonight. She used to live on a ranch near Silverton, Colorado with her ex-husband (a golf pro) and she raised rabbits. She said she used to "cacciatore" them in tomato sauce and serve them atop spaghetti.

How good does that sound?

So, now we are planning a rabbit cacciatore night. The date isn't set yet, since we need to find out where to get the rabbit (I know some of the carnicerías have them). We're making a trip to Hobe Meats soon, who may have them, and I heard that another butcher moved across the street from them - I think they are mostly a "game" butcher for elk and the like, and they may have them as well.

Will take a picture once we get this project rolling so you can see what aunt Char's version of rabbit looks like.

Do you cook rabbit? If so please share your recipe with the kitchen wench.

My host mother in Spain (Mailen) used to braise a rabbit with mushrooms. It was very tender and I remember always wanting more. She would serve it with French bread and a simple green salad with oil and vinegar. I sure do miss the food in the north of Spain.

I digress.

Let me know your rabbit recipe(s).

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