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Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Lola Coffee

The inside of Lola Coffee has a very urban/simple feel.

Lola has yummy pastries - I spied a quiche and
some kind of fruit tart.
(not to be confused with the kitchen wench)

I was downtown for a breakfast meeting so I decided to go a little further south since I had a couple of hours to kill before meeting my brother for shopping at Costco. I detoured to Lola Coffee on Roosevelt Street. Lola is the daughter of the former owner of Lola Tapas, which used to be on Camelback and 8th Street. They had some yummy eats there like: tortilla española, serrano ham, montaditos (succulent cooked pork on crusty bread) and olives. They also made a very very potent sangria, which I miss a lot.

I might have to make a trip to Iruña soon, as I have a coupon for a free pitcher of Sangria. If you go to Overeasy for breakfast/lunch (48th St./Indian School), you can ask for the coupon and they will probably give it to you.

I digress. Lola Coffee is very cute and urban with a minimalist feel. I had an oj (fresh squeezed) since I had coffee already at my breakfast meeting. Lola has all kinds of yummy pastries that I need to go back and try. Sooner than later.

Update: Oasis Raspados has re-opened after taking a hiatus for Christmas and New Years. I talked to someone there today and their Glendale location is open but he was not sure when 32nd St. was opening (I didn't ask him about their Central location since 32nd St./McDowell is closest to me). Also they have a new location opening very soon at 32nd St./Greenway if any of you live up that way. Very exciting to have a new Oasis!

Also...Herb Box has opened at Southbridge in downtown area Scottsdale. You must go and try their tzatziki with pita chips. They also have sweet potato chips and sweet potato muffins. Then there is this steak sandwich on ciabatta bread with carmelized onions that I absolutely love. It is worth the trip.

Happy eating.

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