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Tuesday, August 31, 2010


What do you usually tip at restaurants? My Dad told me back in the day to leave a dollar for every seven dollars you spend, that's about 15%. These days I leave closer to 20%, based on the economy. I figure if I can't afford to tip well, I'm not going to go out and eat a good meal.

I used to work at Garcia's Mexican restaurant back in the day (many years ago) as a busser, and then I was promoted to a hostess. Ironically I made less money as a hostess, since we didn't get "tipped out." I should have gone into serving instead. I met some really nice people on that job. One of the servers, a flaming dude, was very friendly and always made it a point to invite me to after work activities at Pomeroy's (7th St./Missouri) where they have many beers on tap and great fries. I remember Luis and his brother Javier who taught me the fine art of putting the waxed paper in the bowl with a flair before adding the hot chips, and I fondly remember Mercedes "El Tigre" in the kitchen who had a huge goatee and I suspect, the hots for yours truly.

Who could blame him?

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