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Thursday, August 12, 2010

Finds at Trader Joe's and summer fruit

Nectarines, one of my favorite summer fruits.

Yummy salami and crackers.
Charcuterie anyone?
I called my Mom yesterday, telling her that I was going to Trader Joe's and did she want anything. She especially likes their orange sticks (covered with dark chocolate). As it turns out, they were out, but I did find her some mints with dark chocolate, which she happily accepted. She has a major sweet tooth for quality candy, as does this kitchen wench. There is a half of a snickers bar with almonds in my refrig begging for a bite.

Guess it's in the genes!

At Trader Joe's I also spotted a chianti salami that according to the label is "minimally processed" and has no artificial ingredients or preservatives. I'm very excited to start slicing this and serving it with the whole wheat crackers pictured, which are also available at Trader Joe's.

I'm missing their guindilla peppers, which were discontinued due to lack of interest. I'm still trying to wrap my mind around that. How could people not realize how delicious these peppers are? So, I'm looking for a new guindilla pepper supplier. Might have to go to Oakville Grocery in Scottsdale to see if they have them. I know they do have Spanish chorizo, and someone there was recently quoted as saying they would hang Serrano hams from the ceiling if the health department would allow for it (apparently they won't). Sigh.

My Mom gifted me some nectarines last night (see picture) that smell delicious but they are not quite ripe. I'll leave them out a couple of days and enjoy them au natural. Or, maybe they will end up in a tart? Trader Joe's 20th St./Camelback in Phoenix and other locations Oakville Grocery at Scottsdale and Greenway

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