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Saturday, August 21, 2010

Pho Binh Minh and citizenship class

Odd looking, pungent Vietnamese fruit.

Roberto teaching civics at our citizenship workshop.

Disco balls?

We had a very successful citizenship class today (see pictures) with the help of our volunteers including Osvaldo, Veronica, Mercedes, Roberto, Chris and others (you know who you are). It is interesting that the room where we had our class has remnants of a former life...disco balls. I'm not sure what that means except maybe that we are very flexible where we have class and that there is potential for a happy hour with music afterwards.

My friend Chris came and taught with us today and then afterwards we went over to Pho Binh Minh for Vietnamese food. I do not have major knowledge of this type of cuisine except for the sandwiches that you get on french bread with pate and lunch meats (delicious). Chris schooled me a bit and recommended for the appetizer we have fresh spring rolls with shrimp, mint, cilantro and vermicelli (delicious) which came with a peanut dipping sauce. For the entree we both had a vermicelli salad with grilled pork, vegetables and fish sauce. The fish sauce comes on the side and you can stir chile paste into it (we did) and then you pour it over your salad, and, well, toss it, as it were. This is the most delicious salad, you simply must go get one. The pork is very succulent. In Vietnamese it is called Bun Thit Nuong, (rice noodle with grillled pork and vegetable served with fish sauce).

Sorry folks that there's no pictures today of lunch. We just inhaled it.

Afterwards, we walked around the same strip mall which had another Vietnamese restaurant/bakery and then there was a shop with Vietnamese foods. I spied a very strange looking fruit and took a picture. Chris said it is a "smelly fruit" which explained the pungent smell when we went inside the store. I was able to also find some tamarind candy which I enjoy very much and Chris got some fish sauce, soy sauce and plantains, so we both came away happy.

So, the next time you're in the mood for a tasty Vietnamese salad, head over to Pho Binh Minh.

Pho Binh Minh 4141 N. 35th Ave. Phoenix 602-358-8255

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