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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Casa del Mariachi

Adriana with her hand painted dresses.

The bar at Casa del Mariachi.

The nice folks at Casa del Mariachi hosted our breakfast this morning at the Arizona Hispanic Chamber of Commerce meeting. I had some delicious bacon, a roll (sort of a creative blt if you will) and coffee.

The inside of this place is totally cool, there are murals - one I liked especially is behind the bar (see picture).

One of my fellow chamber members, Adriana Magdaleno works at Universal Flowers on 24th St. and Indian School. Not only does she make beautiful flower arrangements, she is now branching out into dresses that have hand painted flowers (see picture) and she also makes tuxedos for men. The most beautiful dresses! What a great creative outlet she has.

1420 N 24th St, Phoenix - (602) 275-8565 Casa Del Mariachi

2306 E. Indian School Rd, Phoenix - (602) 954-2658 Universal Flowers

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