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Saturday, August 28, 2010

Duck & Decanter

Jason and I had a great lunch today at Duck and Decanter after the Tattoo Festival at the Arizona Biltmore (lots of skin, eye candy). Jason won a t-shirt for answering a trivia question correctly which is no surprise. He loves trivia and is a smartie-martie.

The Duck serves a sandwich called "The Banger." It is served hot; a delicious sausage on a french roll with spicy mustard. I have found my new sandwich. This is the best sandwich ever. You have to get one.

I forgot to order this with sauerkraut, which they do have. Next time...

Jason had a sammie with thinly sliced ham, apples, pine nuts and spinach on wheat bread. He let me try it and the combination of flavors was pretty tasty. I preferred my banger, however.

When in Central Phoenix, get yourself to Duck and Decanter for a yummy lunch. The a/c is also very cold, which some restaurants haven't seemed to master, surprisingly.

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