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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Diablito time

Lunch is served.

Today around 11:00 it was time for a Diablito, so I stopped by La Reina Michoacana on 32nd St. just south of Thomas.

My diablito was sooo delicious today. It had mango, chamoy, asian peanuts, crushed ice, lime juice and a tamarind candy straw.

Lately I realize that this blog may appear to lack imagination, due to all of the posts about Mexican slushies. But, it's hard to take the Mexican slushie out of the girl, as it were.

I've decided some day I may retire and move to Mexico. But I will have to do extensive research on where to relocate, based on the quality of raspado makers there. This research may take some time, mind you...

Get yourself to La Reina Michoacana. Their fruit popsicles look delicious too! They have spicy mango, that's going to be the next one I try.

Reina Michoacana, 2601 North 32nd Street Phoenix, AZ 85008

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