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Sunday, August 1, 2010

What's for breakfast

Princesas is a great movie. It goes well with breakfast on a lazy Sunday.

A big latte is the ticket. The scone (below) disappeared rather quickly. Where did it go?

One of my favorite breakfasts. A blueberry scone.

It is a lazy Sunday. It looks like there is laundry on the horizon and maybe some reading. I found a book at the library this week called Tijuana Dream, and I am excited to open it up.

I made a big latte this morning with a cinnamnon stick, and I'm enjoying it with a blueberry scone from AJ's Fine Foods. My favorite of their scones is the currant, but for some reason they don't always have them, so blueberry is my backup. Their scones are really crumbly and delicious.

While breakfasting, I'm watching Princesas, one of my favorite movies. Candela Pena (sorry I can't make the tilde on the n on my laptop) is a great actress. She was also in Torremolinos 73, which is very funny and a must see.'s the most important meal of the day. Don't skip it! Especially when you can have a yummy scone from AJ's.

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