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Thursday, August 5, 2010

La Reyna Michoacana - diablito paradise

Reina Michoacana has all kinds of fruit popsicles, in Spanish known as "paletas."

There is a good selection of ice cream.

A diablito, or Mexican slushie, with mango.

I had to go get some car repairs today and on the way home I stopped at Oasis Raspados on McDowell and 32nd Street...but, it was closed! So, I went to my backup place, La Reina Michoacana right down the street just south of Thomas on 32nd Street.

At La Reina they make sandwiches (tortas) and they have ice cream, popsicles and raspados, or what I like to call Mexican slurpees.

I am having a diablito which is crushed ice, chili powder, your choice of fruit (mango for me), chamoy, lime juice, Asian peanuts, saladitos (salted, dried plums) and a "straw" tamarind candy. It is delicious and refreshing. It wakes up all of the tastebuds in your mouth since it is spicy, sweet and salty.

From the pictures you can see that La Reina is a good place to go in the summertime in Phoenix. And no lines! At least none today...

Reina Michoacana 2601 N 32nd St Phoenix, AZ 85008

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