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Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Tamales and empanadas

Don't these look tasty...?
Yummy tamales and empanadas a la Marisol

I am the recipient of yummy tamales and empanadas from a good friend. They are made by Marisol, who makes Mexican food fresh daily for pickup. She can make any tamales you like - chicken, pork, beef, etc. The masa she uses is delish and very fresco. Also she makes empanadas (a small pie). The ones I have are filled with cajeta - a type of caramel but she also makes piña and could probably put anything you want inside them. The empanada dough is sweet but not too sweet and super crumbly, as you would want them to be.

Gracias to my good friend - you know who you are - and Marisol for the goodies!

Get in touch with me to order:

You must pick up, however, since Marisol doesn't deliver (yet)! It's worth the drive, she's at approximately 43rd Ave./Van Buren. Place your order today...!

Did I mention she makes tortillas also? Any other tortillas are falsas (fake)!

She can also do whole wheat flour tortillas if you are feeling healthy.

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