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Friday, February 12, 2010

Coyotas - Mexican pastry

my breakfast

my...snack (for later)

A good friend and my Mexico connection recently gifted me a package of coyotas. Coyotas are Mexican pastries from the mainly Hermosillo region - as shown by the packaging (see picture). A relative of my friend gets these directly from the baker so I am feeling quite privileged with this fine treat!

Sorry, the pictures aren't great. I was shaking in anticipation of eating these pasteles...

Coyotas are very simple and yet so delicous. I suspect they are made with:
lard, flour, sugar, piloncillo (you see this sugar at Food City and other Mexican supermarket), nuts and sometimes dates.

If you have a Mexico connection, ask this person to get you some coyotas.

You'll be so...feliz!

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