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Monday, February 1, 2010

Lunches this week - economy style

It comes 6 "demi" french loaves to a bag at Costco for about $4.50 - a steal! Keep them in your freezer until you use them to keep them super fresh.


I came up with the bright idea of making a big tortilla (potato omelet) and picking up some La Brea french rolls at Costco to create economic lunches. I make the tortilla in a not so traditional way; in Spain, the potatoes are casa kitchen wench I microwave them (between 4-6 minutes depending on how large they are) and then I brown them in olive oil. Once browned, I add a little kosher salt and 5 beaten eggs. I'm not a big fan of just the whites but if you need to for your health, by all means, use just the whites. I let the omelet cook on one side and then flip the tortilla and cook a few minutes more. You will get better flipping it the more you do it. Don't be shy, make this yummy dish.

In Spain it is common for people to take a bocadillo de tortilla for lunch (potato omelet sandwich) on french bread. It is so delicious. You must make it and take it for lunch. People at your workplace will hover around you in wonder and awe. It is also great for picnics and travels well since it can go unrefrigerated in moderate temperatures for 5-6 hours.

I'm going to have my potato omelet sandwich with an arugula and tomato salad for lunch all this week. ¡A comer!

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