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Saturday, February 20, 2010

Baked penne pasta with whole milk mozzarella cheese and sausage

My Mom had me over for dinner tonight and made the most beautiful baked penne pasta with whole milk mozzarella and sausage which was procured from Niccoli's deli on 16th Street. She told me she always likes to go there because it's a great store filled with yummy products and delicious looking sliced meats.

I can't argue there. I told her we need to go back as a family one of these days and get italian sandwiches from Niccoli's. They used to bake homemade cinnamon rolls...not sure if that is still the case but they are lovely folks, get down there and get some italian yummies. Now!

So, this baked pasta my Mom made: she cooked 1 pound of penne and made a zesty tomato sauce with olive oil and whole tomatoes that she blended to a combination of smooth and chunky - then she added some basil to the sauce and some cooked sausage courtesy of Niccoli's. So, when the pasta is done boiling she puts some of the tomato sauce and sausage mixture in the bottom of a large pyrex pan and then puts some penne - layers is what she does - then she puts some cheese, then more penne, more sauce, more cheese, etc and then at the end she sprinkles parmesean cheese on top and bakes it at 325 degree oven for 30 minutes.

You gotta makea this pasta dish!

Sorry the picture I took with my phone camera got deleted. User error. Will get one next time she makes it and share it with you.

Since I can't share a picture of the pasta, I will share a picture of a cute rabbit (and daughter of his customer) that my friend took when he was on the job - he's the big cheese at Clear Skies IT Solutions - he comes to you if you need computer help. Frequently he sends me pictures of cute puppies, kitties - and now rabbits - that he meets when he is working. I really enjoy cute cuddly things so I am always happy when a picture of his shows up on my phone. Soft bunny, warm bunny...

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