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Saturday, February 6, 2010

Panadería Tortillería Guerrero

a Mexican slushie (diablito)

their "claw" machine - love these vatos (dudes)

piñatas, yogurt, aguacates (avocados), tomatoes, etc.


This is where you go if you want a raspado at 8:30 in the morning

Just discovered this great Mexican bakery on 32nd Street just south of Thomas on the East side of the street, Panadería Tortillería Guerrero. ¡Dios mio! (OMG)

I drove by it on my way to Super Llantera on 32nd Street just south of McDowell. If you ever need a tire fixed (or replaced - used!), these guys can help you. Speaking a little Spanish is not a bad thing. They fixed my rim after a mechanic told me I had an air leak. These guys are really really good. And cheap.

Leaves more $$ for raspados (slushies), mmmm.

Okay, back to the Mexican bakery. It is amazing. Lots of Mexican pastries, dulces (sweets), groceries and on the other side there is a small eatery where they sell tamales, tortas and other yummies to take away a growling tummy. On the bakery side, they also make raspados...I couldn't believe my good fortune. I didn't see a raspado menu but when I asked for a chamoyada the cashier said no and I said, "y diablitos?" she said yes. So, I was able to get a Mexican slushie this morning after my tire was fixed. It is delicious, it has crushed ice, some type of tamarind syrup and tamarind fruit. It is sweet and sour, with just the right toque of whatever it takes to make a good slushie.

Finding out about this place made my weekend. Sisisisisisisisisi....!

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