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Thursday, February 25, 2010

Chamoyadas - keeping your car and clothes free of chamoy

Chamoyada - my favorite snack

If you are like me, you like Chamoyadas and Raspados, aka "Mexican Slurpies." My preferred choice of venue is Oasis Raspados on 32nd St. and McDowell. They fill your chamoyada to the top, it is brimming with serpentinas (tamarind candy), cacahuates japoneses (asian peanuts) and chamoy, which has a bright red color that does not come out so easily from one's clothing.

So, how does a girl manage to keep her car seat/dash and clothes chamoy free, do you ask?

Well, here's what you do. When you order a chamoyada, diablito or other raspado, ask for a medium but tell them you want it in a large cup, otherwise you spill it on yourself and your car. The nice folks at Oasis - and most likely la gente at other places - will oblige. You can see the one I got tonight has quite a bit of room at the top, that's because I asked for a medium in a large cup.

You can do it!! In Spanish/En español es: Yo quiero una chamoyada mediana, pero quiero que el vaso sea grande. I want a medium chamoyada, but I want it in a large cup.


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