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Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Fresh & Easy - part II

So, have any of you been to Fresh & Easy in your PJ's since this story came to light? I would like to know...I am considering publishing a coffee table book with people shopping in their PJ's but only in places where it's not allowed...otherwise where would the fun be in it?

British Supermarket BANS Shopping In Pajamas

First Posted: 01-29-10 10:52 AM | Updated: 01-29-10 11:15 AM from The Huffington Post


A Tesco supermarket in Cardiff, South Wales has banned customers from shopping in their pajamas, reports. A spokeswoman explained that the move was in response to customer complaints pertaining to other shoppers' outfits.

The store has installed a sign labeled "Tesco Dress Code Policy," which reads: "To avoid causing offence or embarrassment to others, we ask that our customers are appropriately dressed when visiting our store (footwear must be worn at all times and no nightwear is permitted)."

Jeans and sneakers are permitted.

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