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Sunday, March 13, 2011

The Windsor opens April 1 - The Parlor

Turn in your used caseette tape - any artist will do -
and receive a $10 gift certificate towards dining at The Windsor.

I had a pizza at The Parlor on Camelback last night. This is not an ordinary pizza. It is artisan, with quality ingredients, baked right in front of your eyes, if you are fortunate to be sitting right in front of the pizza oven (we were). My pie had pepperoni, mozzarella and a light tomato sauce with torn basil. Willie's pizza had sage and crumbled sausage.

I now know where I want my wake to be.

At The Parlor.

The food is that good, and super fresh. I had a side salad with red leaf lettuce, a simple vinaigrette, grape tomatoes and cucumber. Then at the end we shared Zeppoli with a squash filling and it came with a creme fresh and some kind of chunky berry (lingonberry?) sauce.

The Parlor is well organized. The staff is friendly and well-informed about the menu. They have the coolest architecture (it used to be a hair salon) with high ceilings and concrete floors. It has a nice clean look.

I can't wait to go back.

And...mark your calendars. The LGO folks (Postino, Chelsea's Kitchen, etc.) are opening The Windsor restaurant at Central and Oregon on April 1. It will be a family-style restaurant with booths inside, a bar and a patio. They are still working on the menu, but we know it will be excellent, since they pretty much have this restaurant thing down.

You can see "the making of" The Windsor video here:

This news is very exciting for the neighborhood. And it is called The Windsor because it is located near Windsor Square, where ironically the kitchen wench spent part of her (my) formative years.

Right now you can also bring your used cassette tapes to Postino to receive a $10 gift certificate for dining at The Windsor. I got mine! The tapes are going to be used as artwork in the new restaurant. It will be interesting to see the finished product.

And...get yourself to The Parlor for an amazing pie. I asked about the ownership and it comes to us courtesy of the nice folks at Nello's pizzeria. No surprise! These are seasoned restaurant people. Get down there now. Right now!

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