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Thursday, March 10, 2011

* * * * Tuck Shop * * * *

The Fish and Chips at Tuck Shop are big enough to share.

Order a rum and ginger ale, you won't be disappointed.

Los Hermanos de la cocina.
These guys make the magic happen.

Dates stuffed with chorizo from Schreiner's.
They are topped with cheese and melted before
coming to your table.

These guys have great food. Get down there now. Now!

I could leave it at that, honestly. But I won't since the kitchen wench is pithy like that.

Charles and I shared fish and chips that came with a kind of spicy chutney (the server told us what's in it and now I've forgotten) and a "secret sauce." The quality of the fish was very good and the breading is very crispy and minimal, like a tempura, and not oversalted. Delish!

Huck and Michelle shared a huge tender pork chop with a yummy gravy over some type of noodle casserole that was rich and homey tasting.

The most popular drink at the table was dark rum with ginger ale (homemade no less) which really has a kick. I had two. I might be paying for that a little bit today. Oh...but we did go back to Michelle and Huck's for wine. A red? The kitchen wench's memory is fuzzy this morning. And Michelle procured a dessert wine from Canada that went down easy. I remember some conversations we had about "good democrats" and Mickey Rourke's hands being like claws. In the spirit of full disclosure, I am a huge (HUGE) fan of Mickey Rourke, especially since I saw The Wrestler. What a hunk!

I digress...

Ahhh, great friends + excellent food and drinks = an awesome mid week hanging out.

Can't wait to do it again!!

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