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Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Viaggio magazine and wanderlust

For $12 you can subscribe to this visually pleasing
mag, which will increase your feelings of wanderlust.

I've always had a bit of wanderlust. The desire to be somewhere else: Mexico, Europe, Jamaica, The Dominican Republic, Florida, Oregon, California and lately... Texas.

I can't believe I'm actually putting that in writing. Texas. My Dad has always told me, if you want something to happen, put it out in the universe, i.e. tell someone. Well there. I've said it. Texas.

I've been told that Austin is the "San Francisco" of Texas and it might be a good fit for me. Now all I need is a benefactor to come up with moving money, and obtain clients there (and a business license).

Honestly, it will be awhile before I can make a move. Did I mention the real estate bubble?

As you know, I've been struggling lately with issues in this state (see previous Pei-Wei post). As a "native daughter" I've always felt akin to Arizona, except recently.


On a happier note, I just received my first copy of Viaggio magazine (thank you Mario Batali). I actually heard about the mag some months ago but I wasn't able to subscribe until recently. The magazine is for me and people like me: foodies who like to travel and, There are recipes and restaurant reviews. In the recent issue (spring 2011), there is a blurb about the MOMA museum's new counter space kitchen exhibit. I would sure like to see this. There is a picture of a kitchen from "modern America" circa 1950, complete with pop art food brands on the countertop (aka Kellogs, Dole). The exhibit goes through May 2, so there is still time to get down there for some good eats (NY, come on!) and check out the kitchen displays.

There's also an article about traveling through Torino (Italy) or rather, eating your way through their restaurants and pastry shops. I am gaining weight just thinking about that. But then, there would be a lot of walking involved, right? I mean, it is in Europe.

That's for me.

On a separate topic, have any of you been to FilmBar yet? It's an indie film house with...booze!

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