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Monday, March 7, 2011

Immigration nonsense at Pei-Wei

I call total B.S. on this.

I'm so fed up with the hatred towards brown people in our state. Folks who come here from Mexico just want to make a living.

How come so many people don't get this?

And how many of us would take a job at Pei-Wei, anyways? Very few, I suspect.

The Phoenix New Times food blog Chow Bella did a nice piece on this, you can check it out at
I'm also borrowing the picture they posted in their blog (above).

Let's not mince words here: The Kitchen Wench is down with brown. Totally down. And let's get these nice kids who are fighting for the Dream Act the citizenship they need so they can work, and like, help our economy.

Some people haven't noticed we're in a recession and we could use the skills of these bright young people who are getting degreed or have already done so.

Thanks go out to people like Roberto Reveles of the AZ ACLU who fight for immigrants who are just in this country to work and raise their families. They are not here to rob others' identities. Unfortunately, we have a system that wants cheap labor (restaurants, hotels, farmers, landscaping businesses, etc) but we don't want to let the people who serve us stay here.


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