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Thursday, March 17, 2011

Elle mention - orangette blog and skillet pork chops

Tomorrow's lunch...or dinner.
These pork chops are delish.

Rosemary from a nearby forest. Not!
But it was free.
Orangette is one of the food blogs I read on a regular basis. I made her lemon ginger muffins awhile back and they were amazing. The aroma of ginger and lemon in my kitchen was incredible.

I digress...went into a ginger/lemon coma.

I like very much the layout of her blog, and her writing is excellent. She also has a book (you can learn more about it on her blog) and she had a mention in Elle magazine this month. That's pretty neat.

Tonight it is a bit of a hunting and gathering expedition. Gathering from the freezer - I'm making pork chops that my aunt gifted me (a whole package) from Costco. I sprinkle a bit of sugar (in the raw) on both sides, sear them and then cook them covered on low for about 5 mins on each side.
The gathering part comes from a little "garden" that lies between the complex where I live and an office building. I'm not sure whose rosemary this belongs to really, but I go and claim a handful once a week.

I mean, come on. It's free herbs.

For the sweet potatoes I slice them pretty thin and place them flat on a baking sheet at 405 degrees. Smother them in olive oil (and foraged rosemary if you can) and bake for 15 minutes. Then flip them over - yes I know this is time consuming - and cook them for another 10 minutes. Then hit them with kosher salt right when they come out of the oven. These don't always make it to my plate. They just go from the baking sheet to my mouth.

And those baked bits of rosemary are tasty too.

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