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Monday, March 28, 2011

Spanish Flan - via Germany

Flan, courtesy of Yecla, made at Christmastime.

My friend in Germany sends recipes to us from time to time and the kitchen wench is very grateful for this. I enjoy learning about others' cultures through food.

Yecla said this recipe comes courtesy of She notes that she makes her own caramel (as opposed to buying it) and she cooks the flan in "una olla express" on top of a double boiler. She prefers condensed milk, she says this way she can make it with less eggs and the batter is smooth.

From now on, I'm on the flan diet.

Did any of you see Real Women Have Curves? There's a scene when the mother and daughter are in a bodega, the mother has just been told she's not pregnant but instead she's going through menopause. She is getting ready to eat a piece of flan when America Ferrara's character says, "Mama, the doctor just told you that you're blood sugar is too high and now you're eating flan?" The mother says, "but I'm having a craving." The daughter says, "But mama, you're not pregnant!"

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