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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Foodzie tasting box

A bounty of yummies from

My March tasting box just arrived. I'm feeling like a 5 year old right now.

Laa-de-dah. : )

In my box are: aleppo chile pepper and sumac pepper salts, gogi berry & Himalayan sea salt dark chocolate bar, regular and dark chocolate cocomels (think caramels made with coconut milk), blue cheese fig savory shortbreads, kale chips (from The Health Foodie - in Tempe!) and hot chocolate on a stick.

Wow. And wow.

I think there is a bloody mary (or a michelada?) in my future very soon using the chile pepper salt.

I'm taking the cocomels and the shortbreads over to my brother today (in the spirit of sharing all things yummy) and I will make the hot chocolate tomorrow for breakfast.

You can get a tasting box from Foodzie every month for $19.99 and that includes shipping.

What a cool way to try yummy things. They also send you a coupon for free shipping for your first order, if you like any of the items in your tasting box, and need to order more.

Very convenient indeed!

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