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Sunday, December 26, 2010

The morning after (breakfast yummies)

Mom's chocolate sauce. Delicious on ice cream...

Breakfast a la Christmas Day dinner leftovers. Yummy ham on rye bread.

One of the best parts of Christmas is the leftovers. I would have to say the same for Thanksgiving and Easter too. We have a lot of good cooks in my family, so I'm always excited to have some parcels left over for future meals.

My aunt gave all of us quite a bit of chicken and spaghetti to take home (and meatballs!) after Christmas Eve dinner and then there was about 1/2 of a 1/2 ham left over from our Christmas dinner yesterday. My mom brought over a potato salad, some sweet gerkins, olives and beets. My bro and I had gone shopping for the vittles, which included a Cook's ham from Fry's (delicious and very lean...and on sale), rye bread, francisco brand buns, clementine oranges and golden raisins.

We had ants on a log yesterday before the meal which my brother really enjoys and I like them quite a bit too. That is when you spread peanut butter on celery and put raisins on top. I quite like golden raisins. They are pricey, but Fresh & Easy has a pretty good price. They are also nice for baking.

We had a great meal and finished with espresso and sour cream coffee cake. Everyone had a nice portion of ham and rolls/potato salad to take home. Speaking of leftovers, the topic of today's post...I was able to take advantage of them at breakfast, frying up some ham, and making a toasted rye bread ham sandwich. Yummy! I had some clementine oranges too and I'm working on one of the oatmeal cookies my Mom made. Mmm. She is a great (GREAT!) baker.

She also brought over some chocolate sauce (that was supposed to be fudge) but she used too much milk, so it wouldn't set. Well in my family when life hands you lemons (or chocolate sauce), you make lemonade (or in this case hot fudge sauce for ice cream). I had some of this last night with rocky road ice cream. I just heated a few tablespoons in a mug for 15 seconds in the micro and then scooped the ice cream on top. Normally the topping goes on top, but this "reverse sundae" was delicious and highly recommended. I suspect this would work well with Nutella chocolate spread (which is also delicious on french bread). I will have to try that out in the coming year and will let you know how it goes...

Happy leftovering!

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