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Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Affogato in the morning

An affogato might not be your first choice in the morning...
but it could become so!

A scoop of ice cream and espresso is all you need.

When there's no milk in the house for your breakfast latte, what's a kitchen wench to do, anyways? Make an affogato, that's what!

Thanks to places like Gelato Spot and Postino, I know what one is, so I knew just what to do this morning when I remembered there was nothing to put in my coffee this morning to make a latte. But, was there?

I do have rocky road ice cream in the freezer which I recently learned can become "the cream in in my coffee" or espresso, that is.

So, when in Rome (or when you're out of the white stuff, soy, almond milk, that powdery stuff)...use ice cream in your coffee. In my case, it's rocky road, so there are bits of almond and marshmallows in my coffee, so it's like a crunchy hot chocolate.


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