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Thursday, December 9, 2010

Bolillo for breakfast

Toasted bolillo roll with butter and honey makes a great breakfast.

The bolillo roll is way under-appreciated in this kitchen wench's humble opinion. This morning I decided to split one in half, dot it with butter and stick it under the broiler. Then I drizzled it with honey.


There are may ways to eat a bolillo roll. My favorite way to eat a bolillo is with pollo milanesa (breaded chicken), then it becomes a torta de pollo milanesa (a breaded chicken sandwich). Tortas Paquime does a great torta de pollo milanesa.

The bolillo also makes a great bun for a Sonoran hot dog.

Next time I make it for breakfast, it will have cinnamon and sugar. I don't discriminate, after all.

Food City has these 5/ $1.00... which is almost free.

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