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Saturday, December 4, 2010

Kitchen Switchin' - consignment kitchen supply store

If you like to cook/bake, this is your store!

The outside is as cute as the inside.

I have been excited to visit Kitchen Switchin' ever since I read about it at Chow Bella (New Times food blog). I was able to go today and was pleased with the selection of gadgets, pots/pans, knives, small appliances and decorations. They have a good selection of gently used espresso makers, should mine ever go out... I will know where to get a new (used) one.

I also spied some gift ideas for Christmas. There are contemporary soy candles for $10 and holiday themed serving dishes and a pretty plate (for fruit?) that had mosaic blue tiles that would go so well with my kitchen. I also spied some Kosta Boda candle holders - the ones that look like snowballs. I have always wanted one so I might have to go back and get it...if it is still there, that is.

I digress. I was talking about gifts and then I was talking about what I thought would look good in my kitchen. How does that happen?

It will happen to you when you to go Kitchen Switchin'. You will find all kinds of kitchen supplies you didn't know you needed before (and some that you actually need). Centrally located on 7th St. just north of Glendale on the west side of the street.

Not only can you buy, but you can consign. You can get cash or trade for your gently used kitchen items. Just in time for the holidays...extra cash!

I was telling my Mom about the store today and she wants to go back over there with me next weekend. Sounds like a fun mother/daughter activity since we both enjoy cooking & baking.

Happy holiday shopping!

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