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Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Forritos - cubre manzanas/caramel coating for apples

Get your spicy/salty/sweet apples on with Forritos caramel coating.

I got very excited when I saw the "Forritos" box of caramel coating for apples tonight at the store (tamarind flavored). I heard about tamarind covered apples recently when a friend said his sister was making them to sell to her classmates in Hermosillo, and they were selling like hotcakes.

Being a big fan of chamoyadas - Mexican slurpees I affectionately call them (check out the url of this blog and that will tell you how much I like them), I enjoy the salty, sweet, savory taste of tamarind and I think it is going to pair great with a tart granny smith apple.

These candy "disks" are stacked and appear to be separated by waxed paper. I haven't opened the package yet but I have seen a similar product used in a You Tube video to make tamarind covered apples. According to the directions, you mold the caramel around the apple and insert a wooden stick, presumably so you have a handle to eat it with. Then you sprinkle it with something called Zumba which appears to be an sweet-sour type powder candy (think Lick 'em Aid) that I didn't buy so I will have to go back to Food City again and get tempted by some other treat that I don't actually need.

Someone once described me (affectionately) as a cross between a puppy and a five year old. It's true, I suppose. I get excited at small things, like puppies. And sweet things. And exotic things.

When I make these I will post a picture so you can see the finished product. I noticed on the ingredients that these contain tecojotes (small apples) instead of tamarind so apparently there is a bit (haha) of artificial flavor. And color. If you eat a lot of these your insides might turn red dye #40. The main ingredients listed are sugar, maltodextrin, water, small apples, citric acid and iodized salt. Chili powder comes shortly as you can see in this candy coating you get the salty, sweet and spicy which this kitchen wench enjoys so much.

It's like taking a trip to the State a Mexican state. ¡Arre!

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