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Monday, December 20, 2010

A lazy Sunday at Burton Barr library and AJ's Fine Foods

Holiday views of Central/Camelback are very nostalgic for the kitchen wench.

Yesterday I went to the main library to kill time since I had just been to my Mom's and I wasn't due at Jason's for pizza until 6:30. I spent time in the non-fiction section on the 5th floor (I think it was the fifth) which I hadn't been to before. I found a cool book on Flamenco dance/music and a book about Latinos in politics during LBJ's Presidency. There's a really good selection of interesting books that I hadn't been aware I'm going to be spending more time at the library in 2011.

After the library I went over to AJ's Fine Foods at Central and Camelback. I'm a bit nostalgic about that area since I grew up near there as a girl and spent a lot of time at Uptown Plaza...Markgraf's Pharmacy, specifically. The pharmacy had the greatest selection of sundries (fancy brushes/lotion) plus wallets and purses, stuffed animals (I remember discovering Garfield there) and candy bars. The best part, though was the soda fountain where my Dad and I spent many mornings over breakfast...for me it was mostly an old fashioned glazed donut and grape juice, coffee for my Dad with "burnt toast" requested tongue in cheek from waitress Peggy or Maria. The latter made tamales every other Wednesday on Mexican food day. I believe both of these ladies went to work at an ice cream parlor on Scottsdale Road, and the name escapes me now. Maybe it is because I want to remember them still at Markgraf's.

This year I made a new client who worked at Markraft's location in Scottsdale. We shared some warm memories of simpler days. Those of you that spent time there will understand what I mean.

I digress...right now there are holiday lights at the M and I Bank building at Central/Camelback roads. The view from AJ's Fine Foods is pretty cool. Yesterday I got an orange blossom tea along with a sesame seed bagel, enjoying the view as the sun was setting. It's a speical area, and worth a visit if you are in the neighborhood.

Merry Christmas! And Happy Memories.

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