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Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Gifts for kitchen buffs

A sugar shaker is great for topping desserts (or waffles!) with powdered sugar.
A silpat is a super gadget for baking. You can save a bundle vs. buying parchment paper,
and it is better for the environment.

With a french press, coffee is made without a heating element, so it does not get bitter.

I think Bento Boxes make a great gift for your foodie/kitchen giftee.

Lots of the food blogs I read are doing blurbies on what to get for your loved one who spends a lot of time in the kitchen. I like the New Times Chow Bella one, especially. They recommended a silpat, which is very practical and you can get them at any kitchen store, practically. You use it instead of parchment paper so your cookies don't stick to your cookie sheet. To get one, try Switchin' Kitchen first, since they are local and carry gently used (and new) kitchen items at a very reasonable cost.

I like lemon/lime squeezers as a gift, you can get a cheapie but very functional version at Food City in many colors (for $2!) or go for a more expensive version at Standard Restaurant Supply. These are great if you need to squeeze citrus for baking, drinks (gin & tonic, anyone?) or just to get your healthy morning juice on.

Another nice gift is a confectioners sugar Dad got one of these some time back, I think he found it at Macy's for $10 (I have also seen them at Target and in the kitchen sections at Ross and TJ Maxx). He likes to use it so he can have powdered sugar on his french toast that his girlfriend Saykham is a wizard at making. I sure hope she will come out to visit when he does in January so I can get an overdue dose of french toast in my tummy. Mmmm.

A french press is a nice gift too. You can get them everywhere. I would try Switchin Kitchen first. They have a very red cool/modern espresso maker that I am absolutely coveting.

And how about a bento box? This way you can take your lunch to work in a cute plastic box every day and you can separate items with silicone muffin tins to make your lunch look pretty (a trick from the New York Times food blog).

A microplane is always a good gift for the baker in your family. It is used to grate nutmeg and citrus zest. I use mine all the time.

Wishing you Happy gifting to your kitchen wench!

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