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Saturday, December 18, 2010

Chicken salad @ Tokyo Express and Peppermint Gelato shake

The peppermint gelato shake from Gelato Spot will "hit your spot!"

Jason was sweet enough to treat me to a yummy chicken salad today at Tokyo Express. Their chicken salads have so much cabbage that I actually think you burn more calories "processing" the salad than you do if you hadn't eaten it all. The chicken is very lean and grilled, served with the cabbage/lettuce/carrots mixture and then there is a rice wine vinaigrette dressing. It is quite tasty and light.

Afterwards we went grocery shopping, as that is something people do, and Jason sprung for a Cadbury fruit and nut bar for yours truly. So I am feeling rather well gifted this holiday season.

Later on the way home I stopped at Gelato Spot and ordered a peppermint gelato shake. This is so creamy and pepperminty, but not too sweet. I highly recommend you go get one now. Right now! Especially since they are only making the peppermint version for a short time. I suppose if I was a more frequent customer I could request a special flavor be extended, but I'm kind of a "once a month type" customer and they probably wouldn't make a profit. If Oasis Raspados wasn't around, Gelato Spot would get more of my the way, speaking of which, Oasis is on holiday right now for the Christmas season and will be back in January. I will be so ready for a chamoyada with mango in a couple of weeks. The Oasis folks work hard all year long shaving ice and cutting up fruits like mango, strawberry and pineapple for us thirsty people. ¡Gracias, Oasis! I think Santa will be treating your folks there very well this year, as it should be.

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