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Thursday, December 30, 2010

Cookie dough/pie dough tip


The kolachke dough came together much better
in the food processor today.

I found myself in the kitchen today making some more prune kolachke cookies, since there is leftover prune filling, butter and cream cheese.

When in Rome...

Today I made the dough in the food processor, and I will tell you that this is the way to go. I will not be making it by hand ever again (that is unless my processor should fail). The dough comes together much better than when I made it using just a pastry blender in a bowl. I'm going to try this the next time I make pie dough for crust, also. I suspect this method would also work well for the masa harina used for making tamales. I think it would also work for pizza crust dough. Hmmmm... I wonder if tamales and pizza will be something the kitchen wench tries to perfect this year.

ps. The dough rolled out much more uniform, so the cookies are the prettiest yet.

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