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Sunday, September 26, 2010

Bike ride, lunch at Anthony's and a chicken on a dog

Fish poboy slider from Anthony's. At two to an order with fries (or coleslaw) these will fill you!

The view from the dining area at Anthony's. You see lots of sailboats.

The lobby at Anthony's. This place is a San Diego institution.

Dad and Wanda were getting their drink on before lunch.

Yours truly after a bike ride to Carlsbad beach.

This morning Dad and I took his and Saykham's bikes to Carlsbad beach. He said the round trip is 5-7 miles and it is quite hilly. He gave me snaps for making it all the way there and back without stopping. It was our 2nd bike ride of this trip and I've really enjoyed biking, so I might have to visit The Bike Barn when I get home and see if they have any used bikes in my price range.

Wanda suggested we have lunch today at Anthony's at the Embarcadero in San Diego. It sounded good to us all, so off we went. When we got there, it was pretty busy in the parking area, so Wanda went in to get a table and we waited while a nice family got their kids buckled in their car seats and a nice guy in a truck behind us waited while we waited. Needless to say, eventually we got parked (no meter today since it was Sunday) and headed for the restaurant. We found Wanda sitting at the bar and she was drinking a chardonnay and there were two fruity drinks also there, waiting for us. I thought they might be mai-tai's (since Dad and I enjoy the rum at times) but they turned out to be whiskey sours. I have never tried one before, and it was quite tasty, very puckery, and refreshing.

We had a great meal at Anthony's. Their bread is very crusty and tasty, it comes with a dried tomato butter and we ordered fried squid. They don't serve it with cocktail sauce like they used to but rather some type of creamy dipping sauce and then a salsa. The batter they use is very tasty, there must be some spices in it and it is very flaky. The squid was very fresh.

Dad opted for the crab cakes benedict which looked tasty and Wanda had the fish po-boy sliders and her order came with cole slaw (or you can get fries). I had a petite shrimp louie salad with italian dressing instead of the louis dressing (I'm not into creamy dressings) and the salad was very fresh as were the shrimp. A very delicious lunch, indeed!

Afterwards we drove to Old Town and we had ice cream at Cold Stone. I am not a huge fan but we needed something sweet to round out the meal. I had a strawberry shake that was yummy and Wanda had a chocolate ice cream cone with marshmellows and nuts. Dad had a cake batter ice cream with chocolate shavings and apples which sounded delicious.

When we finished our ice cream, Wanda and I were waiting for Dad across the street when he came with the car and we ran into two nice men who had two friendly doggies. One of them looked like a helper dog, it had a red vest and the other doggie looked very sweet and on top of it was a chicken. I kid you not! The chicken was asleep on top of a resting doggie. It was one of the most amazing things I have ever seen. Unfortunately I did not take a picture, so you'll have to take my word for it.

Tomorrow it's time to head back to Phoenix. First we will stop at Carlsbad Danish Bakery, because we haven't gone there yet, and Jen will poke me (via facebook) if I don't go there while I'm in town. I wouldn't miss it. They have the most flaky yummy danish with chunky fruit. Mmmmmm. I might have to get a shirt since it was just announced they are selling shirts. Whoohoo!

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