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Sunday, September 5, 2010

George & Dragon

Jason treated us to an early dinner last night at the G & D. Ever since I (he will say it was him) came up with this brilliant idea to go to the George for dinner last week, we have been salivating. We were going to treat ourselves after spending a day at defensive driving school, but that is another story. He was telling me last night that my brother introduced him to it, and he has been a fan ever since. I went there with friends for the first time in the late 90's, I think it was, and remember it as a smoke-filled bar/restaurant that had amazing beers on tap and great food. It is the same, except for the smoking.

We both had the fish and chips with peas and shared an appetizer of fried zucchini. Jason said it was some of the best fried zucchini he has ever had. It looked sort of like fried mozzarella cheese, except when you bit into it, it was obvious that it was the vegetable and not from the milk group.

The fish that they serve at the G & D has a yummy batter, it is not too heavy, very crispy, not oversalted, and the quality of the fish is very good. Flaky, but it does not fall apart too easily. They bring malt vinegar when you order the fish and chips, which we both enjoy a lot. And their fries are huge, and perfectly fried. The Black and Tans aren't bad, either. I had two. They have a lot of beers on tap, which I like.

You can also get fish & chips at the Bluewater Grill on Camelback Road, but that is a different animal, if you will. A great environment with super high quality food, but missing the soccer jerseys that you would see at the G & D. (Formerly known as the Fish Market). Bluewater Grille has chewy sourdough bread that you can get to go, which is nice if you are cooking in but don't want to go to the trouble of baking your own bread (who does, nowadays?).

I was telling Jason that the next time we are in Tempe, we have to go to the Cornish Pasty Co., they make meat pies stuffed full with chicken, beef, lamb or veggies, however you like. I guess since we were doing the English thing last night, I thought of this place as well.

I don't know the title of the song, but this lyric comes to mind when I think of food.
"I get ideas...I get ideas..."

In conclusion: head over to the G & D for delicious English food. Their bangers & mash are a must, too!

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